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About Us


Mounds View Theater's Booster Club

Welcome to the Theater Family

The Mounds View Theater program is an extracurricular program of Mounds View High School whose goal is to improve students’ skills, whether that be acting, singing, dancing, carpentry, sewing, art, or technology. Bravo! is the parent-led booster club that supports this program. We exist to support the director, program, and students in their effort to bring quality theatre to the school and community.

Bravo! Team Roles

The Bravo! Team meets before and after productions and is always looking for new members to help plan successful shows. While time commitments vary by position, roles have been organized to spread the work between members and volunteers. View Bravo! Team Roles


One of the primary functions of any booster club at Mounds View is to raise funds to support the program. In theatre, students are not asked to sell anything. Our fundraising focuses on group participation and is nontraditional by design. In the past, we have organized 2-3 fundraising events per year including Davanni’s Restaurant Night, Cub Foods bagging and others. We also sell flowers, “stars for stars” and other items at each performance to support the theatre program. These funds go to support the theater program in a variety of ways and are a welcome addition to the booster fees.

Booster Fee

The Bravo! fee is $35 per student, per production (maximum $70 per family per production). This fee is separate from the extracurricular activity fee that is paid to Mounds View High School. The booster fees are used directly for production support (e.g., set materials, costume materials, technical equipment rental, playbill printing) and student support (e.g., supplement year-end banquet costs).


If you have any questions about the Booster Fee or if you would like to set up a different way to submit payment, please contact the Treasurer.

How to Pay Bravo! Fee

How is Bravo! Money Spent?

100% of Booster Fees and sales proceeds go back into the Mounds View Theater Program. Some of the ways those monies are used include:

  • Feeding the students during longer rehearsals and all performances

  • Paying for the printing of show posters, playbills, signs, and other items

  • Head shot costs

  • Purchasing additional items for concessions

  • Roses for seniors

  • Subsidizing costs for the End of Year Banquet

  • Purchase of tools and other materials for set construction

  • Purchase of materials and hardware for costume design, and covering rental cost

  • Paying for guest speakers

  • Paying for accompanists

  • Improvements in the High School Theater such as lighting and sound

If you would like to see a spreadsheet of our financials, please contact the Treasurer.

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